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The UN General Assembly Drags Israel to the World Court

by Dr. Chandra Muzzafar, published on Global Research, January 5, 2023 The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted last week to refer Israel to the International Court of Justice (World Court) for its on-going violation of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza and for adopting measures aimed at[…]

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Miami Defenders of Twice US Kidnapped Venezuelan Ambassador, Alex Saab, Rally for his Release

by Lauren Smith, published on Orinoco Tribune, October 25, 2021 The U.S. has twice kidnapped Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, November 1, and supporters are demanding his freedom. Washington’s actions against Saab contradict both international and humanitarian laws. [Black Agenda Report] On Sunday, October 24th, representatives from more than six independent activist groups[…]

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US Venezuelan Embassy Protectors Denied the Right to a Fair Trial

by Ajamu Baraka and Bahman Azad, published on Popular Resistance, December 15, 2019 On Friday, December 13, Judge Beryl A. Howell, the chief judge of the US District Court, denied the discovery motions requested by the four embassy protectors who were arrested on May 16 after staying in the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC for 37 days to prevent it[…]

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