The Militarization of Space Accelerates Climate Crisis

The deadly connections between space militarization and the climate crisis, November 12, 2021 by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and Global Network to Keep Space for Peace. The event is hosted by Pippa Bartolotti with speakers David Webb, Bruce Gagnon and Koohan Paik-Mander.

There is much information here that most of us aren't aware of. Military destruction of the environment goes way beyond oil consumption and burn pits.

U.S. and Their Nazi Puppets in Ukraine Threaten War with Russia

by NOWG, published on Workers Voice, November 25, 2021 Fascist U.S. War Profiteers Are the Real Danger, Not Russia According to Avril Haines, the former head of the CIA and current director of national intelligence, Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine. This is yet another lie brought to you by the same people who falsely claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass[…]

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Sleepwalking into a Nuclear Nightmare

by Caitlin Johnstone, published on Consortium News, November 28, 2021 Every day there’s more propaganda banging the drums of war between nuclear-armed nations a little louder. Western media are churning out reports about Russia preparing to invade Ukraine any minute now and China preparing to invade Taiwan any minute now, saying the response to each is obviously to move a lot[…]

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US Business Groups Urge Reducing Tariffs On Chinese Goods

from TeleSUR English, published November 15, 2021 U.S. President Biden released 50 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Reserves just before Thanksgiving, ostensibly to reduce inflation.  Of course rising gas prices do add to inflation but that is not the whole story.   The graphs in this article are really interesting. I suppose you could call this article ‘foreign’ propaganda….[…]

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“We Don’t Want to Die of Thirst, But we Don’t Want to Betray: Normalization is a Big Betrayal.”

by Rima Najjar, published on Countercurrents, November 28, 2021 Yesterday, I participated in demonstrations in downtown Amman against the latest step taken by the Jordanian government to normalize relations with Israel through yet another U.S.-brokered deal, this one ostensibly as a response to climate change. The deal is for Jordan to receive 200 million cubic meters (7.06 billion cubic feet)[…]

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Rittenhouse and Verdict Mania

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, November 23, 2021 Black people give great attention to certain court cases in hopes of receiving justice when the system is designed to be unjust. That recognition and the commitment to fighting back will be of greater use than divining conclusions about a racist nation when juries reach verdicts. Every high-profile trial[…]

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The U.S. Is Destroying the Lives of the People of Afghanistan

by Barry Sheppard, published on Socialist Action, November 22, 2021 When the U.S. left Afghanistan in August it also froze almost all foreign aid to the country. It has now come to light that the major part of the economy under the U.S. military and its puppet government was completely dependent on that foreign aid. In other words, the U.S.[…]

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Another fascist acquitted/Rittenhouse verdict sparks outrage

by Monica Moorehead, published on Workers World, November 23, 2021 The Kyle Rittenhouse trial and it’s outcome are indeed frightening.  Rittenhouse walked away from the trial without having an understanding that he did anything wrong.   On top of that, there were socially well off people lionizing him for his aggression reinforcing his image of himself as a beleaguered hero.  It[…]

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Yemen could be the Arab hub of the Maritime Silk Road

By Pepe Escobar, published on The Cradle, November 21, 2021 First, coercing it into ‘structural reform.’ When that didn’t work, they instrumentalized takfiri mercenaries. They infiltrated and manipulated the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), ISIS. They used US drones and occasional marines. And then, in 2015, they went Total Warfare: a UN-backed rogue coalition started bombing and[…]

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