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UNAC Webinar: Developments in Ukraine with Scott Ritter

  • Joe Lombardo
    • --UNAC Coordinator
  • Wyatt Miller
    • --Minnesota Peace Action Coalition
  • Scott Ritter
    • --Former US Marine Intelligence Officer and UN Weapons Inspector.

Xi JinPing, Justin Trudeau and White Supremacist Ideology

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, November 23, 2022 Western arrogance and anger about the economic prowess of a non-white nation resulted in Xi Jinping’s very public dressing down of Justin Trudeau.  The Group of 20, or G20, comprises those nations said to be those with the largest economies in the world. The heads of state who attend[…]

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Indigenous People Push Back Against US ‘Thanksgiving Mythology’

The United American Indians of New England and allies gathered at noon Thursday at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts for the 53rd National Day of Mourning—an annual tradition that serves as “a day of remembrance and spiritual connection, as well as a protest against the racism and oppression that Indigenous people continue to experience worldwide.” “We don’t have any issues[…]

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The Renewable Energy Transition Is Failing

by Richard Heiberg, produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute, November 22, 2022 Renewable energy isn’t replacing fossil fuel energy—it’s adding to it. A complex scientific problem cannot be solved through political football.   [jb] Despite all the renewable energy investments and installations, actual global greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing. That’s largely due to[…]

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NATO Steadfast Noon Exercise And Nuclear Modernization in Europe

by Hans Christensen, published The Federation of American Scientists, October 17, 2022 Apparently they are preparing Europe to participate in a future nuclear war.   It is bizarre that these countries would set themselves up as targets in this way.  But, these innovations will actually give them control over the use of these nuclear bombs.  If you have read Dan Ellsberg’s[…]

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A Response to Congressional Irresponsibility in Perpetuating the War in Ukraine

This article arrived as a comment on Sara Flounders article, “Which way for the antiwar movement?   Demand ‘Negotiations’ or ‘Stop the Wars’?” which is current featured on this blog.   It is really too long for the comment section, but well worth reading so I decided to post as an article.  Thank you for your insight and initiative Suzanne Schwartz. […]

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Ukraine as Weapons Testing Site

by Caitlin Johnstone, published on Consortium News, A surprisingly frank article in The New York Times, “Western Allies Look to Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Weapons” describes how the imperial war machine is capitalising on the U.S. proxy war to test its weapons for future use. “Ukraine has become a testing ground for state-of-the-art weapons and information systems, and[…]

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Latin America and the Caribbean – Between Cooperation and Intervention

by Stephen Sefton, published on Tortilla con Salsa,  October 30, 2022 The military, economic, diplomatic and psychological war between the Russian Federation and NATO has revealed several weaknesses in the ability of the United States and its allies to maintain their dominance in the world. A remarkable fact has been that practically no government in Latin America and the Caribbean[…]

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Attempt to Try Russian Leaders for War Crimes is Part of the West’s Weaponization of the International Criminal Cour

by Robin Philpot, published on Covert Action Magazine, November 14, 2022 International Criminal Court (ICC) continues to serve as a “battering ram for U.S. and NATO policy,” as the former U.S. ambassador-at-large for war crimes in the Clinton administration defined it. The quote above does not come from President Putin of Russia or from President Xi of China. It comes[…]

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The Burden Western Liberals Impose Only on Palestinians

by Joseph Massad, published on Electronic Intifada, November 9, 2022 Since the beginning of Zionist Jewish colonization of their country in the 1880s, Palestinians have faced demands that they carry a double burden: to fight off the Jewish racist colonists while having to defend their colonizers against anti-Jewish European Christian racism. No other colonized people has been forced to carry[…]

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