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UNAC Speakers at the Time Square Rally, January 14

  • Claude Copeland
    • --Bronx Antiwar Coalition, Vets vs War
  • Lamees Deek
    • --Al Awda
  • Margaret Kimberley
    • --Black Alliance for Peace
  • Sara Flounders
    • --International Action Center.

Ukraine War: Those Who Fail to Call for Negotiations, Fail to Understand the Dangerous Predicament that Faces Our Planet!

U.S. Peace Council Statement U.S. Peace Council January 25, 2023 At no time since the Cuban missile crisis has our world has been so close to disaster. As the war in Ukraine approaches its first anniversary, it is being increasingly transformed by the Biden administration and the “collective west” into a war between NATO and Russia. The danger of turning[…]

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What Can the United States Bring to the Peace Table for Ukraine?

by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has just issued its 2023 Doomsday Clock statement, calling this “a time of unprecedented danger.” It has advanced the hands of the clock to 90 seconds to midnight, meaning that the world is closer to global catastrophe than ever before, mainly because the conflict in Ukraine[…]

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January 22 Oakland, CA United National Antiwar Coalition Rally Draws New Support

by Jeff Mackler, January 25, 2023 The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) call for January 14-22, 2023 nationally-coordinated antiwar and social justice protests commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthdate drew actions in 90 U.S. cities. The protests recalled Dr. King’s historic condemnation of the U.S. war in Vietnam when he excoriated that ten-year genocidal horror that took the lives[…]

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Protests on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Raise Hopes For Revitalization of Antiwar Movement

by Dee Knight, published on CovertAction Magazine, January 25, 2023 Demonstrators in 50 cities ( 88 actions in 72 cities ~jb ) invoke King’s legacy in denouncing U.S. war machine It has been a year of nearly unprecedented war hysteria—remarkable in a country that has been gripped in continuous war hysteria for generations. The memories of mainstream media publishing major exposures[…]

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The Plan to Carve Up Russia

by Mike Whitney, published on The Unz Review,  January 5, 2023 Warning: The illustrations in this article are quite fantastic.   The header image is real, an expression I suppose, of Obsessive Compulsive disorder.   The U.S. expenditure on the military, Paranoia.  The modified map of Russia below, pure psychosis.  In fact the only one that makes any sense is the map[…]

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Week of Antiwar Protests Launched MLK Day Weekend

by John Catalinotto, published on Workers World, January 17, 2023 Jan. 16, 2023 — The antiwar actions scheduled Jan. 13-23, in at least 50 U.S. cities, come as another escalation is threatened in the U.S.-NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Reflecting NATO’s escalation, the Danish newspaper, The Worker, reported last week that the U.S. was poised to unload tanks[…]

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Allegations of Genocide Return to Peru

by John Bart Gerald, published on NightsLantern, January 17, 2023 The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office has placed she who claims the country’s presidency, Dina Bolurate under investigation for crimes including genocide, resulting from her government’s treatment of protesters who prefer the elected President Pedro Castillo. Now much of her government is under investigation for genocide (“genocide, qualified homicide and serious injuries”[…]

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Thousands Descend on Lima Demanding Resignation of Unelected Peruvian President

by Brett Williams, published on Common Dreams, January 20, 2023 “We have come to Lima to defend our country, considering we are under a dictatorial government… which has stained our country with blood,” one protester explained. Thousands of Indigenous and other Peruvians descended on the capital Lima on Wednesday to demand the resignation of unelected President Dina Boluarte, show support[…]

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Cuba’s New Family Code, a Democratic Process Leads to a Law of Love

by Lyn Neeley, published on Workers World, January 20, 2023 Members of the 51st Venceremos Brigade were invited to an open-air meeting to learn about the passage of Cuba’s new Family Code — the most inclusive, progressive and revolutionary law in Latin America and, indeed, the world, because of who it protects. University professors and speakers from CENESEX (Centro Nacional[…]

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UNAC Statement on Palestine

UNAC statement on Palestine, January 20, 2023 The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) stands in unconditional solidarity with the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people against the ongoing Nakba: the occupation and ethnic cleansing of historic Palestine by the Israeli regime. We firmly uphold Palestinians’ Right of Return to their national homeland – from the river to the sea –[…]

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