Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

March 18: Fund the People’s Needs, Not the War Machine

This rally in Washington DC drew about 2,500 people from around the country. It was sponsored by ANSWER, UNAC, The Black Alliance for Peace, the International Action Center, CodePink and Popular Resistance, among others.

Uganda LGBTQ Obscures Crimes Committed on Behalf of the U.S.

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, March 29, 2023 Uganda’s anti-LGBTQ legislation has elicited worldwide condemnation. But that nation’s history of invading, pillaging, and killing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with U.S. blessings, is rarely discussed. The parliament of the Republic of Uganda recently passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023 , which makes it a crime to identify as[…]

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The ICC Is A US-Controlled Kangaroo Court

by Jaqueline Luqman, published on HoodCommunist, March 23, 2023 The Washington Post, or the Pentagon Post, as Eugene Puryear aptly named the paper this Saturday, printed a bizarre “key update” on the official visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The update reads: “Chinese President Xi Jinping claims to have come to Moscow as[…]

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Germany: Warning Strike Turns Up the Steam

by Arnold Schölzel, published on Workers World, March 27, 2023 (Translation by John Catalinoto) A foretaste of the depth of the strike waves in France or Britain occurred in Germany on March 27: For 24 hours, buses and trains remained largely in depots, airplanes on the ground. Some 335,000 workers responded to the joint call by the United Services Trade[…]

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Pension reform or Revolution! Crisis for the French Fifth Republic?

by Muhammad Shabeer, published by People’s Dispatch, March 29, 2023 When it bypassed Parliament and forced through pension system changes, Macron’s government exposed the anti-democratic deterioration in the Fifth Republic’s dual-executive system, writes Muhammed Shabeer. Major trade unions in France estimate that two million people hit the streets across France on Tuesday, March 28, denouncing the controversial pension reforms pushed by Emmanuel Macron’s[…]

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The Sound of the New War Drum Goes Tik-Tok

By Wei Yu, Nuvpreet Kalra and Melissa Garriga, March 31, 2023 Last Thursday, a Congressional hearing took place where the TikTok CEO was grilled for five hours on the grounds of “security concerns.” This was days after the FBI and DOJ launched an investigation on the Chinese-owned American company. Isn’t it ironic that while the US government is putting TikTok[…]

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Ukraine: U.S. Out Now! Our Antiwar Credo

Statement from Socialist Action, March 24, 2023 Maidan’s rooftop fascist snipers Today’s unfolding Ukraine tragedy began in February 2014 when rooftop fascist snipers opened fire on Maidan protestors originally assembled to resist the Victor Yanukovych government’s austerity measures. The fascists murdered 100 in cold blood, including some of their own for good measure. Yanukovych, the elected president, was instantly blamed[…]

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Protest at the White House, March 18, Against US Proxy War In Ukraine

by John V. Walsh, published on Counterpunch, March 15, 2023 This protest did occur with about 2,500 people in attendance.  We rallied across the street from the White House in Lafayette Park, with numerous speakers, then marched through the streets of DC to the Washington Post offices, an then to a church where there was an indoor rally, or “teach-in”[…]

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UN Complicity in Terrorism – The Case of Nicaragua

by Stephen Sefton, published on Tortilla Con Sal, March 27, 2023 Abuse and weaponization of the United Nations system by the United States and its vassal governments to both mislead and intimidate the rest of the world have been a feature of international relations since the very founding of the United Nations and the time of the Korean War. In[…]

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The Worst Deal Ever – Australia To Pay U.S. For Nuclear Insecurity

by Bernhard, published on Moon of Alabama, March 15, 2023 Interesting analysis from Bernhard regarding the AUKUS Submarines deal.  It would appear that Europe isn’t the only place where the U.S. is actively undermining allies for short term gain. [jb] In the last week’s review I mentioned the AUKUS deal. It was first announced in September 2021. Back then I[…]

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