Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Ukraine, One Year On

Joe Lombardo of UNAC and Margaret Kimberley of Black Alliance for Peace and Black Agenda Report host a discussion with former weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, about the current situation in Ukraine and what is necessary to pull back from the brink of anihalation.

U.S. Systemic Racism: From Slavery to George Floyd and Tyre Nichols

by Malik Miah, published on Socialist Action, March 9, 2023 Tyre Nichols, 29, was murdered by police in yet another modern-day lynching in Memphis, Tennessee on January 7. The city is nearly 70 percent African American, including a Black female police chief. What was unexpected and a surprise to many is that the five police officers were all African American.[…]

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Abulhawa, El-Kurd, Palestine & Ukraine: Zionists Attack Australian Free Speech

by Gideon Polya, published on Countercurrents, February 28, 2023 All of the issues discussed below are in play in the United States as well, and in fact, the U.S. has a leadership role in enabling the Zionist excesses in Palestine.  [jb] The acclaimed Palestinian writers Susan Abulhawa and Mohammed El-Kurd were invited to the Adelaide Writers Festival but have encountered[…]

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Which Way Forward For The Antiwar Movement

by John Catalinotto and Sara Flounders, March 13, 2023 Workers World Managing Editor John Catalinotto held an interview March 13 with Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center (IAC), a member of the Administrative Committee of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and contributing editor to Workers World, to discuss the developments of the past year of the war[…]

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General National Strike March 16 in Greece

International PAME, Rail Issues, Solidarity, published on  Labor Today, March 13, 2023 The victims of capitalism raise their voices in Greece.  They are our victims and also a reflection of where we are headed unless we embrace major changes.  It is time for the people to stand up and demand a change of direction.  [jb] New Huge Demonstrations yesterday– Escalation[…]

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U.S. Military Out of the Philippines

by by Seiji Yamada, Arcelita Imasa, and Richard Rothschiller, Published on Counterpunch, March 7, 2023 In January, the Philippine and US governments announced plans to allow U.S. military access to four additional bases in the Philippines. This agreement to base more U.S. military assets in the Philippines poses a threat to peace. Signaled by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton writing[…]

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Dr. Strangelove is No Longer Satire

by Dee Knight, published on CovertAction Magazine, March 1, 2023 Expansion of U.S. weapons supplies to Ukraine makes nuclear war more conceivable “We are fighting a war against Russia,” German Foreign Minister Putin at Stalingrad Memorial on 80th anniversary. [Source:] told the Council of Europe on January 24. The next day German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and U.S. President Joe[…]

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How US Exceptionalism Has Spawned War in Ukraine and Syria

by Rick Sterling, published on, February 25, 2023 The following is an adapted version of the presentation made at the webinar “Connecting Dots” on 2.25.2023. Other speakers were Dr. Marwa Osman and Dr. Atif Kubursi. Introduction Syria has been at war since 2011. The conflict is in a stalemate. US troops control nearly a third of the country. The[…]

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Atlanta Area Police Attack Music Festival, Stop Cop City Battles On

by Dianne Mathiowetz, published on Workers World, March 7, 2023 Atlanta, March 7 —Workers World writer Dianne Mathiowetz stated: “I was just at a press conference called by various local and national clergy that denounced the police action again as proof that there is nothing about Cop City that suggests de-escalation and protection of people’s rights. There are a significant[…]

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