Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Baltimore & Israel: A Global Gang of Colonizers

by  Netfa Freeman, published on Black Alliance for Peace, November 17, 2023 From Haiti to Puerto Rico and from the Congo to Baltimore, African (Black) people suffer from colonialism. Current atrocities happening to the people of Gaza and the West Bank clearly show the colonial reality of life and death in Palestine. What we see daily in Palestine is a[…]

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Protesters Charged With Terrorism in Atlanta

News by People’s Dispatch, March 18, 2023 At least 23 protesters have been charged with domestic terrorism amid a week of action against the construction of “Cop City” in Atlanta, a proposed $90 million police training complex. Atlanta police detained 35 people and arrested 23 on the night of March 5, they claim, for vandalism against the Cop City construction[…]

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Atlanta Area Police Attack Music Festival, Stop Cop City Battles On

by Dianne Mathiowetz, published on Workers World, March 7, 2023 Atlanta, March 7 —Workers World writer Dianne Mathiowetz stated: “I was just at a press conference called by various local and national clergy that denounced the police action again as proof that there is nothing about Cop City that suggests de-escalation and protection of people’s rights. There are a significant[…]

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