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The Case Against Daniel Ortega

Image: Telesur Live broadcast, July 19. 2540 views at the time this article was 1st published. by Chuck Kaufman, originally posted on The Alliance for Global Justice website, July 25, 2018 The Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice and I have recently been called Orteguistas (Ortega supporters). We used to be called Danielistas before it became necessary to the narrative to[…]

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Multipolar World Against War!

A call to action from one of our European Allies. by Heinrich Buecker of Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin. April 6, 2018 A Call for International Solidarity with Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Bolivia, Palestine and all nations that stand for Peace and Diplomacy. The West‘s aggressive propaganda campaign against Russia (and its other perceived enemies) has reached dangerously hysterical proportions.[…]

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