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Guyana-Venezuela Dispute: Understanding the background and Opposing war

by Francisco Dominguez, published on Countercurrents, December 18, 2023 If there were any misgivings about the actions undertaken by the government of Venezuela around the territorial dispute with Guyana, the joint military exercises between Guyana Defence Forces (GDF) and the US Southern Command (SouthCom) explain what really lies behind things. Venezuela’s claimed territory, also known as Guayana Esequiba, is 159,500 square kilometres[…]

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Who’s Winning and Losing The Economic War Over Ukraine?

by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, February 21, 2023 With the Ukraine war now reaching its one-year mark on February 24, the Russians have not achieved a military victory but neither has the West achieved its goals on the economic front. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States and its European allies vowed to impose crippling sanctions that would[…]

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