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Corporate Titans Target Venezuela

Venezuelans took to the streets in August 2017 in response to Trump’s comment that he would consider the “military option” against Venezuela. (Photo: PSUV) by John Lesnick, from Counterpunch, February 6, 2019 Ruling elites have united behind the Trump administration in its illegal, unjust and brutal attempt to meddle in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Democrats and Republicans alike have[…]

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Veterans Call to Resist U.S. Coup in Venezuela

Veterans for Peace Respond to the US backed Coup in Venezuela, February, 2019 Veterans For Peace is outraged at the unfolding coup d’etat in Venezuela, which is clearly being orchestrated by the U.S. government. Two hundred years of blatant U.S. intervention in Latin America must come to an end.  Veterans For Peace was founded in 1985, in part prompted by[…]

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Not So Happy New Years: Tears Flow from the War Hawks Over the Political Crisis of US imperialism

by Danny Haiphong, from Black Agenda Report, January 9, 2019 The US war machine can no longer provide its corporate masters the neo-colonial stability they need to reap long-term gain from the imperial order. “The political crisis of U.S. imperialism is becoming more difficult to manage.” The year of 2018 ended with a flurry of conflicts between factions of the[…]

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