Freedom for Julian Assange

Please sign this movement wide Statement demanding that Julian Assange be freed:

Peace and Justice Activists and Organizations Call For freedom for Julian Assange

He has added so much to our work, and paid so dearly for doing so.
We must stand with Julian Assange!

David vs. Goliath: The Epic Military Mismatch Between Palestine and Israel

by Sarmad Ishfaq, published on Mondoweiss, January 12, 2022 If one has followed objective reporting on the animosity-filled skirmishes between Palestine and Israel, it becomes clear that the Palestinians have suffered far more in terms of human losses and otherwise in relation to the Israelis. Although there might be several explanations for this reality, the primary reason undoubtedly is the[…]

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U.S. − Hands Off Kazakhstan!

Statement by International Action Center, January 12, 2022 Noting here that the CSTO/Russian Peacekeepers left a few days after arriving.  [jb] Just days before urgent talks between Russia and the United States in Geneva, Switzerland, began Jan. 10, a widespread outbreak of fighting in the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan — including burning the presidential palace — resulted in Russia sending[…]

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War Film

by Kim Petersen, published on Countercurrents, January 15, 2022 A couple of brief comments. The theatrical excesses amount to something like Star Wars or the War of the Worlds or The Matrix 3.   A ragtag band of men take on a high tech army with humongous weapons that roll over everything in their path leaving a trail of destruction,[…]

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Solitary Confinement on Death Row — a Death Before Dying

by Gloria Rubac, published on Workers World, January 14, 2022 “It is inhumane, and by its design it is driving men insane. Solitary confinement makes the criminal justice system the criminal.” These words were testimony presented to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on solitary confinement June 19, 2012, by death row exoneree #138, Anthony C. Graves. ( Graves spent[…]

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2021 Latin America and the Caribbean in Review: The Pink Tide Rises Again

by Roger D. Harris, published on MLToday, December 30, 2021 US policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean continued in a seamless transition from Trump to Biden, but the terrain over which it operated shifted left. The balance between the US drive to dominate its “backyard” and its counterpart, the Bolivarian cause of regional independence and integration, continued to tip[…]

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Are Western Wealthy Countries Determined to Starve the People of Afghanistan?

by Vijay Prashad, published on Countercurrents, January 15, 2022 On January 11, 2022, the United Nations (UN) Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths appealed to the international community to help raise $4.4 billion for Afghanistan in humanitarian aid, calling this effort, “the largest ever appeal for a single country for humanitarian assistance.” This amount is required “in the hope of shoring up collapsing[…]

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National Endowment for Democracy Provided $1.2 Million to Kazakhstan to Help Spark Color Revolution

by Jeremey Kuzmarov. published in Covert Action Magazine, January 12, 2022 There are numerous articles written on how these events in Kazakhstan went down.  There are many different views published on respectable websites. There is a Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan claiming to have orchestrated all the protests around the country.  Pepe Escobar says that there was a sit-room in Almaty[…]

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Nicaragua in the Multipolar World

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, January 12, 2022 The U.S. regime change effort in Nicaragua has failed. The people are determined to assert their rights of self-determination and the U.S. is not the only player on the world stage. The United States and the European Union announced new sanctions on the day that Daniel Ortega was inaugurated[…]

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The U.S. Makes a Mockery of Treaties and International Law

by K. J. Noh, published on Pressenza, January 8, 2022 The U.S. seeks to position itself as a global imperial government through the so called Rules Based Order.  How long do they expect the world to put up with this behavior?  Although it controls some forces underlying the global order some potential for coercion, these aren’t going to be enough[…]

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