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Despite Growth, Only Social Movements Will Bring Progress

by Vijay Prashad, published on Consortium News,  January 10, 2023 In October 2023, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published its annual Trade and Development Report. Nothing in the report came as a major surprise. The growth of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) continues to decline with no sign of a rebound. Following a modest post-pandemic[…]

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The Struggle for Palestine is the Struggle of Working People World Wide

by Shiraz Durrani, published on Countercurrents, October 14, 2023 The attacks by ‘Israel’ on the people and the country of Palestine have increased in intensity in the last month.  Palestinian resistance has once again forced the attention of the world on the plight of a people facing another massacre and a country being destroyed.  At the same time, the Zionist[…]

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Declaration of the Summit of Heads of State of the G77 and China

The summit held in Havana was attended by more than 1,300 participants from 116 countries and 12 organizations and agencies of the United Nations system. Thirty-three nations from Latin America and the Caribbean, 46 from Africa, 34 from Asia and three from Europe were represented. Thirty-one heads of state and government, 12 vice presidents, dozens of ministers from multiple portfolios[…]

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