Anti-riot policemen blocked members of the GABRIELA (Women's Group) who denounce the planned visit of U.S. President Donald Trump to attend the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) leaders summit during a protest outside the U.S. embassy in metro Manila, Philippines, November 9, 2017. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

As Trump Visits ASEAN Summit, Philippine Groups Stage Huge Anti-Imperialist Rallies

Reprinted from TeleSUR IN PICTURES: “The ASEAN Summit translates to unlimited exploitation and unlimited plunder,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo. Mass movements from across the Philippines have staged huge protests across Metro Manila to protest the ASEAN summit and the visit of U.S. President Donald Trump, sparking massive repression by Philippine National Police personnel tasked with guarding the summit.[…]

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Commonality of Oppression, Solidarity in Struggle, Liberation for a Better World: Freedom

Khury Petersen-Smith explores the commonalities of the struggle of Black Americans with that of the Palestinian people. This is a wonderful talk on an important subject.   I recorded the event on my iPhone which, unfortunately, was low on minutes.   Not wishing to have the entire 2 hours in a single recording, (and being low on minutes) I rather awkwardly broke[…]

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US Provides Military Assistance to 73 Percent of World’s Dictatorships

By Rich Whitney, Truthout, Saturday, September 23, 2017 For decades, the American people have been repeatedly told by their government and corporate-run media that acts of war ordered by their president have been largely motivated by the need to counter acts of aggression or oppression by “evil dictators.” We were told we had to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was an[…]

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