Civil Resistance and Mass Protests to Free Palestine

Just a few photos of a few protests.  There are so many, but this is what I have time for today.

On January 8, in New York City, more than 300 protesters were arrested following civil resistance actions that shut down traffic entering and leaving New York during the morning rush hour.

Protesters block the Manhattan Bridge
Protesters block the Brooklyn Bridge
Protesters block the Holland Tunnel

On January 13, 400,000 protesters flooded Washington DC, calling for a Free Palestine and an immediate Ceasefire to end the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

From the Guardian, Protests around the world:

Protesters in Yemen. They have been out in force again and again, on the Global Day of Protest and even after U.S. bombing raids to punish Yemen for supporting Palestine.

Within the US, UK and Canada:

Protesters in Chicago
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march through the Port of Oakland on Saturday, calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.
Noah Berger/Special to the Chronicle
500,000 protesters in London
Protesters for Gaza in Toronto

*Featured Image: Madrid on the Global Day of Protest.

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