Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Civil Resistance and Mass Protests to Free Palestine

Just a few photos of a few protests.  There are so many, but this is what I have time for today. On January 8, in New York City, more than 300 protesters were arrested following civil resistance actions that shut down traffic entering and leaving New York during the morning rush hour. Police arrest hundreds after Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down[…]

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The Empire Fights Back: Gamestop Gamble Co-opted by Oligarchs of Wall Street

by Ben Carroll, published on Workers World, February 6, 2021 Over the last two weeks, blaring headlines and memes alike have proclaimed the opening of a new front expressing mass outrage at Wall Street — and in the most unlikely place: the stock market. “The war on Wall Street: GameStop sparks revolution with retail investors” announced Forbes magazine. “GameStop’s Reddit[…]

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