The Militarization of Space Accelerates Climate Crisis

The deadly connections between space militarization and the climate crisis, November 12, 2021 by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and Global Network to Keep Space for Peace. The event is hosted by Pippa Bartolotti with speakers David Webb, Bruce Gagnon and Koohan Paik-Mander.

There is much information here that most of us aren't aware of. Military destruction of the environment goes way beyond oil consumption and burn pits.

The U.S. Is Destroying the Lives of the People of Afghanistan

by Barry Sheppard, published on Socialist Action, November 22, 2021 When the U.S. left Afghanistan in August it also froze almost all foreign aid to the country. It has now come to light that the major part of the economy under the U.S. military and its puppet government was completely dependent on that foreign aid. In other words, the U.S.[…]

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Another fascist acquitted/Rittenhouse verdict sparks outrage

by Monica Moorehead, published on Workers World, November 23, 2021 The Kyle Rittenhouse trial and it’s outcome are indeed frightening.  Rittenhouse walked away from the trial without having an understanding that he did anything wrong.   On top of that, there were socially well off people lionizing him for his aggression reinforcing his image of himself as a beleaguered hero.  It[…]

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Yemen could be the Arab hub of the Maritime Silk Road

By Pepe Escobar, published on The Cradle, November 21, 2021 First, coercing it into ‘structural reform.’ When that didn’t work, they instrumentalized takfiri mercenaries. They infiltrated and manipulated the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), ISIS. They used US drones and occasional marines. And then, in 2015, they went Total Warfare: a UN-backed rogue coalition started bombing and[…]

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The High Stakes of the U.S.-Russia Confrontation Over Ukraine

by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, November 22, 2021 A report in Covert Action Magazine from the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic in Eastern Ukraine describes grave fears of a new offensive by Ukrainian government forces, after increased shelling, a drone strike by a Turkish-built drone and an attack on Staromaryevka, a village inside the buffer zone established by the[…]

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Israel And 75 Years of Land Theft in Palestine

by Makram Khoury-Machool, published on Al-Mayadeen, November 19, 2021 In this article, the continuous history of land theft by Israel from the indigenous Palestinian population over the long years is laid out by a Palestinian from a leading family of Orthodox Priests in Jerusalem, now living in exile in London. If this reality disturbs you, please encourage your organization to[…]

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COP26: Greenwashing and Plutocratic Misadventures

by Ajamu Baraka, published on Black Agenda Report, November 17, 2021 For all the policy failures of COP26 it may actually be an inflection point in history — a point where social and political conditions force a transformation of consciousness and politics that can usher in epochal change. COP 26 reaffirmed what has been obvious from the beginning: the Northern[…]

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ACT UP Boston charges city with mass violations of human rights

by Aezra El, published on Workers World, November 14, 2021 On Nov. 5, ACT UP Boston, labor leaders, frontline harm reductionists, housing advocates, contingents of students, folks who have been houseless and people who use drugs converged on City Hall for a protest press conference and speak-out. Days earlier, city officials began waging their “sheriff’s plan,” setting up kangaroo courts,[…]

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Lessons of the Buffalo, N.Y., mayoral election

by Ryan Lockwood, published on Workers World, November 14, 2021 Nov. 14 — Under normal circumstances, Buffalo’s mayoral election would have been little more than the 16-year incumbent Democrat Byron Brown’s coronation ceremony. But India Walton, who declared herself a socialist, interrupted the well-rehearsed proceedings with a stunning June primary upset against Brown. Both candidates are African American. Walton ran[…]

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US Business Community Calls on Biden to End Tariffs on Chinese Goods as Inflation Accelerates

by Paul Antinopoulis, published on InfoBrics, November 17, 2021 The US business community called on President Joe Biden to cancel tariffs on goods imported from China, especially since tariff sanctions only accelerate inflation in the US. Dozens of professional associations, including the Semiconductor Industry Association, Farmers Federation, Chamber of Commerce, and about 20 other organizations signed a letter on behalf[…]

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