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A Political History of Zionism and Palestine

by Charles Pierce, published on Dissident Voice, October 10, 2023 1. Doctrine. Zionism was devised by some middle-class Jewish Europeans (most prominently Lev Pinsker and Theodore Herzl) as one response to horrendous late 19th century anti-Jewish persecutions in Europe. Like many of their contemporaries among nationalistic privileged-class European intellectuals and like the Nazis who came later, the Zionists conceived of[…]

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Canada, U.S. and Nazis

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, September 27, 2023 The Canadian government turned what should have been an ordinary photo opportunity with Ukraine’s president into a political debacle when a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator was honored in parliament. Now Canada’s history of admitting Ukrainian SS volunteers is facing new scrutiny as Russia gains the upper hand in the proxy war[…]

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