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U.S. Sanctions are Drowning Syrians

by Steven Sahiounie, published on Mideast Discourse, June 16, 2023 Hundreds of Syrian men, women and children have drowned early Wednesday in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece after the sinking of an Egyptian trawler headed for Italy. It is being called one of the deadliest migrant ship disasters in the Mediterranean Sea. As many as 750 persons[…]

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General National Strike March 16 in Greece

International PAME, Rail Issues, Solidarity, published on  Labor Today, March 13, 2023 The victims of capitalism raise their voices in Greece.  They are our victims and also a reflection of where we are headed unless we embrace major changes.  It is time for the people to stand up and demand a change of direction.  [jb] New Huge Demonstrations yesterday– Escalation[…]

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