General National Strike March 16 in Greece

International PAME, Rail Issues, Solidarity, published on  Labor Today, March 13, 2023

The victims of capitalism raise their voices in Greece.  They are our victims and also a reflection of where we are headed unless we embrace major changes.  It is time for the people to stand up and demand a change of direction.  [jb]

New Huge Demonstrations yesterday– Escalation with New General National Strike March 16

Under the slogan “OUR LIVES OR THEIR PROFITS” thousands rallied once again in cities all over Greece, on Sunday, March 12, to denounce the deadly crime of the train crash in Larissa 10 days ago, caused by the policies that treat human life as a cost.

A huge demonstration took place in Athens in front of the parliament and then marched to the offices of the Greek Railways (OSE). During the rally unionists took the floor denouncing the policies of privatizations and underfunding of public services in Transports, Healthcare, education, water etc, as well as students and pupils, who continue their massive mobilisations stating “We have become the voice of our dead, the voice calling for revenge, the voice calling for accountability

The speeches were followed by a moving music program with songs and music in honor of the dead in powerful moments.

From the music program:

Huge demonstrations took place also in Thessaloniki, Larissa, Crete and many more Greek Cities.

PAME calls for escalation of the struggle with the NEW NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE on March 16

The sea of people that flooded the cities of the country the last days sent the government propaganda into the trash. It crushed the miserable attempt to exonerate for the crime the current government and the previous ones, Hellenic Train, the OSE.


The victims of the criminal policy, the voices of the dead are heard louder through millions of mouths of young people, workers, parents!


We demand the life we deserve, a life with modern rights, a better future for us and our children.
It’s not an accident! The guilty party is the state that serves the few, the policy of commercialization that degrades human life and weighs it in the relationship between cost and benefit, where the cost is the life of the people and the benefit is the profits of the business groups. It is the same state that is quick and effective in auctioning the houses of the poor people, in violently suppressing workers’ demonstrations, in feeding billions of euros to business groups.

This state flagrantly ignores the agonising and tragically prophetic statements of the trade unionists of PAME and transport unions just days before the crime. It declares illegal the strikes demanding passenger safety measures, recruitment, training, and safety measures to prevent ‘human error’.

We continue even more massive, even more determined!

It is the only way not to cover up responsibilities, the only way to get real justice!  The daily mobilisations, the protests in workplaces, schools, universities and neighbourhoods are getting stronger.

We are fighting for

  • Modern, safe, cheap mass transport against the policy that puts the safety of passengers and the rights of workers in the balance of costs and profitability of business groups. 
  • We fight for the strengthening of the public and free health care system. 
  • Here and now of earthquake protection measures and armouring in schools, colleges, hospitals, workplaces. 
  • Immediate measures to protect health and safety in all workplaces.
  • Recruitment of permanent staff in health, education, social services, civil protection services

We become the voice of the dead!

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