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Looking Down That Deep Hole (Part 2)

This week we take a longer look down the deep hole that is the most popular flavor of intersectionality. Looking Down That Deep Hole: Parisitic Intersectionality and Afro-Pessimism By Bruce Dixon, originally published on Black Agenda Report,  Feb 1, 2018 When I took a swipe at intersectionality last week, declaring that it was a hole, that afro-pessimism was a shovel[…]

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Women’s Marches Get a Huge Turnout Nationwide

Indigenous women gather before the Women’s March in Phoenix, Ariz. Photo by Lorraine Longhi. by Ann Montague, originally published on Socialist Action, Jan 27, 2018 Once again women hit the streets on Jan. 20 and 21. The U.S. marches were decentralized in nature but the turnout was high. They reflected the burning anger and determination to resist that many women[…]

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