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How U.S. Sanctions Block Aid to Earthquake Victims in Syria

by Ted Kelly, published on Workers World, February 15, 2023 The terrible earthquake that hit a wide area of southeastern Türkiye and neighboring Syria has reportedly killed at least 36,000 people as of Feb. 13, with estimates that this total will reach 50,000. This winter the survivors who lost their housing face freezing and wet conditions, without any alternative shelter,[…]

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Western Powers Are Using Aid as a Cover to Keep a Terrorist-ruled Syrian Region Afloat

by Kevin Karp, published by  Global Research, June 17, 2021 With July 10 approaching, we can look at this as a pivotal event in the Syrian War.  Either the UN Security Council will allow the crossing/s and militants occupying parts of Syria will be reinforced or the crossings will not be allowed and Syrian Sovereignty over Syrian territories will be[…]

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