International Delegation in Cairo Demands Opening of Rafah Border Crossing

Press Release, published on Workers World, November 12, 2023

Susan Abulhawa: +1.267.391.5386, Suzanne Adely: +1.773.510.7446.  UNAC AC member Sara Flounders is in Egypt with this group, working to get aid into Gaza through the Rafah crossing.  Hopefully we will have a report-back from the scene very soon.

We are an international delegation of writers, lawyers, journalists, activists, students and organizers who arrived in Cairo, Egypt, this week with the goal of reaching the Rafah border crossing with Gaza to exert pressure to open the border for the immediate entry and sustained flow of urgent humanitarian aid — food, water, fuel and medical aid to 2.3 million Palestinians facing starvation and death as genocidal Israeli airstrikes continuously pound defenseless civilians.

In response to the Palestinian and Arab calls for civil society to challenge Israel’s deadly occupation by heading immediately towards the Egyptian-Palestinian crossing to bring urgent humanitarian relief to 2.3 million people, we have just submitted a request to the Egyptian authorities for permission to travel to Rafah.

Israel’s wanton bombing has killed over 11,000 people, a shocking number of whom are children who were gruesomely buried alive in their bombed homes or had their bodies shredded by these bombs. Thousands more remain unreachable under the rubble and over 27,000 are injured.

Water, food, fuel and medical supplies have been cut off, with only a trickle of aid trucks making it through the Rafah crossing. The healthcare sector has completely collapsed, either through direct Israeli bombing or from lack of medicine and electricity to treat patients. Israel’s targeting of civilians includes destruction of more than 50% of homes in Gaza, nearly all bakeries, water treatment plants, schools, clinics, and other infrastructures for life.

As Palestinians in Gaza teeter on the brink of life, without sustenance or shelter, we call for an immediate end to Israel’s barbaric bombing and invasion of Gaza. We call on the world to intervene in any and every capacity to end the ongoing genocidal attacks against a defenseless civilian society, which has been unrelentingly terrorized for 35 days.

We urge all peoples and governments to act urgently to end this horror. There are hundreds of aid trucks currently parked in the desert waiting to enter the Rafah crossing. We demand they be allowed to reach Palestinians whose needs are dire and desperate.

Stop Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza Now!

Open the Rafah border Now!

*Featured Image: Truckloads of aid idled at Egypt’s border with Gaza on Monday, as residents and humanitarian groups pleaded for water, food and fuel for dying generators, saying the tiny Palestinian territory sealed off by Israel after last week’s rampage by Hamas was near total collapse. | Omar Aziz/AP src: Politico

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  1. Thank you for doing this. The massive worldwide protests have been wonderful, but people like you with experience in these kinds of actions are crucial. Take good care and Free Palestine. Catherine in Ohio

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