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The New Racist Consensus: Shootings In Buffalo Solidify The Consensus

by Ajamu Baraka, published on Black Agenda Report, May 18, 2022 The latest mass shooter in Buffalo, New York was clearly a racist, and identified with Ukrainian and other neo-Nazis. But white supremacy has a stronger hold on European and U.S. society than is commonly acknowledged. The avowed racist is not the only problem. The incidents of mindless, mass carnage[…]

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If the US Wanted Peace in Ukraine

by Caitlin Johnstone, published on, May 10, 2022 As we hydroplane toward the brink of nuclear armageddon while Bono and the Edge play U2 songs in Kiev, it’s probably worth taking a moment to highlight how this war could have been avoided. The U.S. could have simply pledged military protection for Volodymyr Zelensky against the far-right extremists who were threatening to lynch[…]

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Human Rights Hypocrisy: Critical Analysis of Hong Kong Protests

by Erica Caines, published on Black Agenda Report, December 18, 2019 Why do corporate media love Hong Kong dissidents while neglecting protests in Haiti, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Bolivia? “Hong Kong protestors engage in activities that in the U.S. would get them killed by the police or long prison sentences.” Before adjourning for the Thanksgiving holiday, the US Senate[…]

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