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Mistrial in Trump Admin’s Biased Case Against Venezuelan Embassy Protectors is Win for Sovereignty

by Leonardo Flores, published on The Grayzone, February 14, 2020 A hung jury in the Donald Trump administration’s case against activists who were arrested protecting Venezuela’s internationally recognized embassy in Washington, DC is being heralded as a major win for sovereignty, amid the US government’s floundering coup attempt against the Chavista government in Caracas. On February 14, a jury of[…]

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Challenges to People’s Movements in the Americas

By Juan Diego Garcia, published on Workers World, January 23, 2020     (Translated by John Catalinotto) For the people’s movements in Latin America and the Caribbean to come out ahead, achieving a high degree of political awareness and organization is insufficient — as long as the ruling classes, in one form or another, maintain control of the armed forces. When[…]

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