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‘Totally Indefensible’: Biden Nominates Death Squad Backer Elliott Abrams to Diplomacy Panel

by Jake Johnson, published on Common Dreams, July 4, 2023 “Elliott Abrams, enemy of human rights, apologist for mass murder, should have no place within spitting distance of any Democratic administration in any capacity.” President Joe Biden on Monday quietly nominated Elliott Abrams to serve on a bipartisan diplomacy commission, a move that human rights advocates condemned as outrageous given[…]

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US Doing its Best to Lock China Out of Latin America

by Vijay Prashad, published on Asia Times, November 4, 2020 On August 20, 2018, El Salvador’s leftist president Salvador Sánchez Cerén announced on national television that his country would break its ties with Taiwan and recognize the People’s Republic of China. This was in accord with international law, said Sánchez Cerén, and it would bring “great benefits for our country.”[…]

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