Why Don’t Palestinians Protest Non-Violently?

Yes, what was going on in Gaza before the October 7 Hamas revolt, and  “Why didn’t the Palestinians Protest Non-Violently?”  Actually, a friend asked me this question today, after expressing horror at the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israeli citizens.  It’s an important question and the vast majority of people in the United States don’t know the answer.

The short video below from the Palestine Chronicle throws some light on the situation:

Mahatma Ghandi himself said that nonviolent protests that harm the protester, like hunger strikes or maybe peacefully lining up before a violent and heavily armed opponent, only work if there is someone who cares about the protesters who has the power to change the situation.  This is why, those who have the power and don’t want to change the situation suppress information about peaceful protests, so that those who might care, and who might exert themselves to demand change, will not be aware of the facts on the ground.

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