Activists Under Attack at the Venezuelan Embassy

Photos from videos by Alex Rubenstein: opposition supporters partying outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC in the middle of the night with music and drumming, noisemakers and sirens, and spotlights flashing.

Editor’s note: The hoped for Venezuelan coup fell flat.   The military refused to leave the Maduro government.   The people of Venezuela are not ready for a civil war.   Even those discontent with the Maduro government mostly reject a military confrontation.  By Mayday, the usual masses appeared on the streets of Caracus (and in other Venezuelan cities) to support the government they elected.  Only John Bolton and Mike Pompeo appear not to have noticed.   Even President Trump seems to be aware that he needs a new strategy there. (Trump urges caution as Bolton and Pompeo tease a military intervention in Venezuela)

Meanwhile back in the good old U-of-A, Embassy Protectors, protecting the property of the legitimate government of Venezuela from occupation by representatives of a group of losers who have completely failed to obtain the trust of the Venezuelan people, to buy off the Venezuelan military, to do anything useful even for their U.S. puppet masters, are under attack by right wing demonstrators who have surrounded the building and are causing mayhem.  It’s difficult to comprehend.   John Bolton and Pompeo aside, why would the U.S. authorities turn over the Venezuelan Embassy to representatives of a guy who has no political standing and no significant following in Venezuela?    And why would the Secret Service, who are obligated to protect the rights of legitimate government representatives, be supporting this agenda?

But here is a twitter based account of the events of the last couple of days.  Many thanks to Ariel Gold, Max Blumenthal, Alex Rubenstien, Anya Parampil, Medea Benjamin, Margaret Flowers (Work your way down the Food Adventure thread to find her excellent recitation of the challenges of getting food into the building through an angry mob and a hostile police force, and all the others who have kept the info flowing into the night. JB

This is where it started:

May 1: Resistance by the Embassy Protectors

May 2 In Venezuela
Results of Guaido’s ‘Military Coup’


And in Washington DC where Embassy Protectors are defending the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC from Faux President Guaido’s supporters on behalf of the Internationally recognized government of Venezuela after their legitimate ambassador and his staff were deported, chaos escalates as the Secret Police and their DC Counterparts stand around and observe:

May 2, Police arrest Embassy Protector for sharing food:

Confrontation at the Embassy

Here I begin in the present and go back through the day:

May 4th, after 1 am:

Secret Svc aid Guado Supporters

Call the Secret Police and tell them to do their job.


May 3, 9:58pm

May 3, 2019, 9:30 pm, please forward
Dear Sirs,

At this moment, the violent mob that you have allowed to continually commit acts of violence against persons and property at the Venezuelan embassy is actively working to smash in the doors while your officers give permission to the assault and explicitly refuse to intervene.

As you know, and your officers have witnessed, members of this mob have physically attacked and made death threats to the peace activists who are inside and around the embassy. This presence inside the embassy, as you also know, is lawful, as the peace activists were invited inside the embassy by those lawfully in charge of the premises.

There has been no action that has divested them of the right to be inside the embassy or lawful process that could authorize removal.

Instead you are authorizing a vigilante group to attack the peace activists inside.

You must take action immediately to cease this assault, and ensure that there is no violence against the persons inside. They are in grave danger from the mob you have facilitated and authorized to besiege the embassy.

You are responsible for any acts of violence that will be committed against these peace activists inside the embassy.


Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Esq.
on behalf of the Embassy Protection Collective
Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

May 3, 4:13 pm How they got some food in

May 3, Posted 11:01 PM, The RW were attacking the women outside the Embassy this afternoon:

This really is offensive. It grieves me to show the video, but it tells how vulgar these people really are.

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