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Media hype confronts reality on the Venezuela-Colombia border

Photo by Mauricio Duenas/EPA-EFE By Marco Terrugi, from TeleSUR, Translated from Spanish by Michael Otto for Workers World, February 15, 2019 Feb. 10 — The cameras are pointed at the border between Venezuela and Colombia. The stage is presented as a gate about to collapse. Everything seems ready, just waiting for the appropriate day that, according to the declarations of[…]

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Veterans Call to Resist U.S. Coup in Venezuela

Veterans for Peace Respond to the US backed Coup in Venezuela, February, 2019 Veterans For Peace is outraged at the unfolding coup d’etat in Venezuela, which is clearly being orchestrated by the U.S. government. Two hundred years of blatant U.S. intervention in Latin America must come to an end.  Veterans For Peace was founded in 1985, in part prompted by[…]

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Call to Respect the Sovereignty of the People of Venezuela

Photo: Supporters of late Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez take part in a campaign rally Nov. 28, 2015, held by pro-government candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections, in Caracas. Venezuela will hold parliamentary elections on Dec. 6. (Reuters) From In Defense of Humanity  December 21, 2018 The sixth presidential election in the contemporary history of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela took[…]

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