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Latin America and Caribbean, Year 2022 in Review – Challenges for a Pink Tide Surging Over a Volatile US Hegemony

by Roger D. Harris, published on NicaNotes, January 12, 2023 2023 marks the 200th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine. This imperial fiat arrogates to the US the unilateral authority to intervene in the affairs of sovereign states in the Western Hemisphere and to exclude any other power from meddling in what is viewed as Washington’s backyard. Two centuries later, the[…]

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Venezuela Fiercely Rejects US Senate’s Passing of BOLIVAR Act

Published on the Orinoco Tribune,December 19, 2022 Caracas, December 18, 2022 (—This Friday, December 16, the US Senate unanimously approved the Law to Prohibit Operations and Leasing with the Illegitimate Authoritarian Regime of Venezuela (BOLIVAR Act), presented by the ultra-conservative Floridian senator, Rick Scott. The discussion of the interventionist act in the lower house of the US Congress is still[…]

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