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US Intelligence Agencies Explicit on Genocidal Nature of Israel’s Gaza War and Palestinian Resistance

by Barry Sheppard and Malik Miah, published on Socialist Action, May 19, 2024 U.S. intelligence agencies have now openly recognized that the war Israel is ostensibly waging, to eliminate Hamas in Gaza, cannot be won. This is a virtual recognition what the pro-Palestinian demonstrators have been saying, and most of the world knows, that the war is a war against[…]

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Charges Dropped on the Tampa 5, Students for a Democratic Society Protesters Walk Free

Statement, published on Fightback News, December 5, 2023 Fight Back New Service is circulating the following statement from the Emergency Committee to Defend the Tampa 5. The Tampa 5 are proud to announce a great victory: their misdemeanor and felony charges will be dropped! This victory was made possible by months of mobilizations of people across the state of Florida,[…]

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