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Is Intellectual Property Turning into a Knowledge Monopoly?

by Prabir Purkayastha, produced by Globetrotter, September 6, 2023 When the settlers came to the United States, they usurped the common property of the native tribes and parceled it out for money.  The same is being done to our common store of knowledge. When greed drives science, it cannot be science.  [jb] The twentieth century saw the emergence of public[…]

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The Digital Marketplace Should Be a Public Good

by Daniel Kopp, published on International Politics and Society, December 17, 2020 As a turbulent year draws to a close, Covid-19 infections are again on the rise. In response, most European countries have entered another lockdown. And like earlier this year, politicians are trying to cushion the immediate social and economic fallout with furlough schemes, financial support for business and[…]

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American Ideals And The Assange Extradition Case

by Nozomi Hayase, published on Consortium News, January 23, 2020 Originally published on Common Dreams, January 19,2020 The indictment of Assange is recognized by many free speech groups as the most important press freedom case of our time. Yet, with mainstream media blackout and utter silence of political leaders on this important issue, criminalization of journalism goes on without much[…]

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