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Musings from the Margins #4: Black Lackeys, White Social Democrats, Human Rights and Empire’s Decline

Black Agenda Report Editor and Columnist Ajamu Baraka has thoughts on Black Misleadership, faux Human Rights, the Decline of the Empire, White Social Democrats and other issues. What makes the white supremacy so incredibly dangerous is what I call the psychopathology of white supremacy. It is a racialized narcissistic cognitive disorder that centers so-called white people’s and European civilization and renders the afflicted with[…]

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Venezuela: “The Theft of CITGO is the Robbery of the Century”

by Geraldina Colotti, published on Resumen English, May 6, 2023 There is much confusion about the selling off of Citgo; this article clarifies how this new form of lawfare is an escalation of the empire’s economic war against revolutionary Venezuela . – editorial/Resumen Venezuela is mobilizing against the U.S. decision to auction the shares of the parent company of the[…]

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Biden’s Summit of Hypocrisy, Not Democracy

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, December 21, 2021 With great publicity, President Joe Biden called a grand, international Summit on Democracy for Dec 9-10. This gathering, held on Zoom, was hardly more than a Washington D.C., webinar with a few hundred well-chosen invitees and a well-controlled microphone. Biden invited 111 countries. He snubbed another 81 countries, representing more[…]

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