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Liquified Natural Cash

How Methane Exports Reverse Climate Progress, Harm Consumers and Endanger Communities The problem analysis here is very informative.  The policy recommendations, however, are framed as “President Biden should” do this; “President Biden should” do that.  Of course, President Biden will not do any of these things, and if he appeared to do so, it would be a “feint” because President[…]

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The Black Stake in the Green New Deal

Photo: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez at Women’s March 2019 in NYC  ~Dimitri Rodriguez by Glen Ford, Published on Black Agenda Report, March 7, 2019 Black people should see the Green New Deal as an arena of struggle for self-determination, communal repair, and justice-creation. “In its broad outlines, the Green New Deal is a transformative program that calls for democratic reconstruction of U.S.[…]

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Dakota Access Pipeline Leak Technology Can’t Detect All Spills

The Standing Rock Tribe argues in a report that thousands of barrels of oil a day could leak into the Missouri River and not be detected by the company’s equipment. by Phil McKenna, originally published on Inside Climate News Nine months after oil starting flowing through the Dakota Access pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe continues to fight the controversial[…]

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