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High-Value US Asset “Fat Leonard” Arrested in Venezuela – Possible Prisoner Swap

by Roger Harris, published on Counterpunch, October 6, 2022 The principal perpetrator, in what AP News called “one of the most extensive bribery scandals in US military history,” popped up in Venezuela of all places. Leonard Glenn Francis bilked the US Navy out of at least $35 million. The culprit goes by the moniker “Fat Leonard.” He tips the scales[…]

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The struggle to free Alex Saab continues

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, September 10, 2021 Despite delays, legal appeals, protests, formal delegations and petitions signed by many thousands, the United States has continued to demand the extradition of Alex Saab. He is being held imprisoned in the small nation of Cabo Verde. Saab was abducted by order of the U.S., when his plane stopped for[…]

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“Imperialism Does Not Understand the Resistance of the Venezuelan People”

By Carlos Aznarez, Published on Resumen Latinoamericano, April 15, 2019 We spoke with Pascualina Curcio a few days ago in Mexico, where she was a part of the Venezuelan delegation to the International Seminar of the PT of that country. Each time that the imperial economic attack intensifies against Venezuela, many glances are directed, by way of consultation, towards the[…]

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