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Rejecting the Bantustan ‘Two-state Solution’, Mandla Mandela Calls for a Single Democratic State in Palestine

by Tim Anderson, published on One Democratic State of Palestine , January 29, 2024 Washington and the Israelis understand that the fig leaf of ‘two states’ hides apartheid and prevents the construction of a broad anti-apartheid movement. The popular but fallacious touchstone of a political resolution in Palestine has been a ‘two-state solution’. Washington constantly reverts to this and, more[…]

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How Tutu, de Klerk, and Mandela Would End Israeli Apartheid

by Jeff Warner, published in Mondoweiss, December 28, 2021 An interesting analysis that illuminates Desmond TuTu’s statement that Israeli ‘apartheid’ is worse than South African ‘Apartheid’.  And it ends with some practical advice.  [jb] With the December 26, 2021, death of Bishop Desmond Tutu, six weeks after the November 11, 2021, death of Frederik Willem de Klerk, and seven years[…]

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