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The Pink Tide Surges in Latin America

by Roger D. Harris, published on Resumen English, July 13, 2022 While the political balance between progressive and reactionary states south of the Rio Grande continues to tip to the left, even the corporate press pronounced Biden’s June Summit of the Americas meeting in Los Angeles a flop. Most recently, Colombia elected its first left-leaning president, following similar victories in[…]

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The 12 Victories of Venezuelan President Maduro in 2017

By Ignacio Ramonet , from Fire This Time, originally published on TeleSUR. Maduro has confirmed – with his twelve brilliant victories of 2017- that he continues to be “indestructible.” To begin with, we must remember that President Nicolás Maduro is the most unjustly harassed, slandered and assaulted president in the history of Venezuela. Even more than Hugo Chávez himself, founder[…]

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