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Prioritizing U.S. Imperialism in Evaluating Latin America’s Pink Tide

by Steve Ellner, published in The Monthly Review, March Edition Two conflicting leftist positions on Latin America’s wave of progressive governments known as the Pink Tide have become increasingly well-defined over the last two decades. One position is favorable, while the other highly critical, to the extent that Pink Tide presidents—including Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, Bolivia’s Evo Morales,[…]

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Ecuador: Moreno’s Government Sacrifices The Poor To Satisfy The IMF

By Wilma Salgado, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. October 13, 2019 Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has been cutting government spending since signing an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in February of this year. This policy has benefited multinational corporations, the banks, and in general, powerful economic groups at the expense of the middle and working classes,[…]

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