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Israelis Continue to Open Fire on Gaza Protestors: An Eyewitness Account

by Dennis Bernstein, originally published on Consortium News An Interview with Gaza-based Palestinian Journalist, Wafa Al-Udaini By Dennis J Bernstein According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the Palestinian death toll since March 30, 2018 “has risen to 33, including 4 children and 1 photojournalist, and the number of those wounded has risen to 2,436, including 410 children,[…]

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Double Standard in Israel-Palestine Reporting

Associated Press is one of those news sources we expect to be objective and reliable. But when it comes to the subject of Israel-Palestine, things are not always as they seem. by Kathryn Shihadah and Alison Weir, originally published on If Americans Knew Blog More than half the world’s population reads Associated Press content every day. But a study of news reports[…]

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