Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

The Military Elephant in the Room Will Lead to An Unjust Transition

by Pippa Bartolotti, published on the International Peace Bureau, December 2, 2023 Post-review of NATO Climate Killer Part 2: Climate Crossfire Webinar, recorded on December 2nd, 2023, during COP 28 As we navigate COP 28, this webinar addressed the pertinent issues of military spending and its environmental ramifications. Ably introduced by the Canadian policy analyst IPB Vice President Steven Staples,[…]

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Woodland Biomass Idiocy

by Robert Hunziker, published on CounterCurrents, November 16, 2021 One of the most controversial fixes for global warming is the use of woody biomass, cutting trees, burning trees to achieve “carbon neutral” status in the worldwide battle to conquer climate change/global warming. The term carbon neutral (which is not the same as zero carbon and not a scientific term) when[…]

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Greenwashing Acts of Land-Grabbing

by Phoebe Holmes, published on Consortium News, March 15, 2021 Mozambique has been labeled by pro-capitalist actors as one of the most “promising” African countries for an economically successful biofuels sector. The country’s apparent underutilization of its agricultural landscape, and combined abundance of low-cost labor, aligns perfectly with the biofuels investment profile devised by international institutions such as the World Bank.[…]

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