Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Even In “Revolutionary Countries” Mass Media Is Still In The Hands Of The Right

by Andre Vltchek, from Countercurrents Blog, October 7, 2018 How could a country win her fight against Western imperialism, how could it become truly independent, if its people are fully conditioned, through the mass media and education, by the North American and European doctrines and world view? Wherever I work and struggle in this world, I am always amazed, even[…]

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North Korea Issue is Not De-Nuclearization but De-Colonization

by Ajamu Baraka, originally published on Black Agenda Report, June 13, 2018 “The psychopathology of white supremacy invisibilizes the absurdity and illegitimacy of the United States being in a position to negotiate the fate of millions of Koreans.” The critics had already signaled their strategy for derailing any meaningful move toward normalizing relations between the United States and North Korea.[…]

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The Foundation For International Justice Is Anti-Imperialism

Above: An Anti-Imperialist Mural in Caracas, Venezuela. From Telesur. by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, originally published on Popular Resistance, June 10, 2018 The United States has had a policy of imperialism beginning after the Civil War. The US way of war, developed against Indigenous peoples, spread worldwide as the US sought to extend its power through military force, economic[…]

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