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The Taliban’s Opium Eradication

by Alan MacLeod, published on Consortium News, August 15, 2023 The Taliban government in Afghanistan – the nation that until recently produced 90 percent of the world’s heroin – has drastically reduced opium cultivation across the country. Western sources estimate an up to 99 percent reduction in some provinces. This raises serious questions about the seriousness of U.S. drug eradication[…]

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The Opiod Crisis, Treatment in a Capitalist Society

by Princess Harmony, originally posted on Workers World, May 10 One would think that those in charge of public health might go all in to defeat the “opioid crisis,” yet that isn’t what’s happened. Goldman Sachs recently put out a report saying that having the medical industry curing people wasn’t good for business. This is no less true with treatments[…]

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Capitalism Caused the Opiate Epidemic

by Princess Harmony, originally posted on Workers World, April 27 There’s an opiate epidemic currently ravaging the working class in the U.S. Tens of thousands of people have died already, and thousands more will die or will come close. As it stands, the opioid epidemic has decreased the average lifespan of people in the U.S. and is one of the[…]

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