Continuing Actions Demand A Ceasefire in Gaza

Palestine Solidarity actions are ongoing across the United States and around the globe.   Here are just a few gathered today:

November 11: Massive pro-Palestinian rally in London numbers 300K, police say

Armistice Day  in London.

Peace and justice groups in downtown Binghamton call for a ceasefire in Gaza

November 10 Palestine Solidarity protest in Binghamton, NY

Die In and Vigil in Albany NY, November 9

More Demos in Canada (Thanks to the Chicago Antiwar Coalition):

During the week from November 6-12 mobilization continued to take place across the country as thousands of Canadians demands action from the Canadian government to call for an immediate ceasefire, an end to the seige of Gaza and that Canada stop funding Israeli genocide in Gaza. In response to an international call to “shut it down for Palestine” on November 9-10 actions took place at plants in Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton which produce products used by the Israeli military. The week closed with a pan-Canadian day of action November 12 organized by Ceasefire Now in which 50 cities and towns participated — as well as the major cities across the country actions took place in smaller communities from Yellowknife in the Yukon to St. Anthony’s in Newfoundland with tens of thousands participating. A number of Unions endorsed the action including the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the National Union of Public and General Empoyees (NUPGE) andUnifor.

St. Johns

November 12, 2023, St. Johns


More than 1,000 Haligonians came out on November 12 to support Palestine, speak in their own name, and call out the provincial and federal government’s role in the genocide of Palestinians. The March began in Victoria Park at 5:00 pm and went through the downtown area to city hall where the rally took place in the Grand Parade in the midst of a homeless encampment.

Halifax, November 12, 2023


Montreal, November 12, 2023
Montreal, November 12, 2023
Montreal, Shutdown Universities, November 12, 2023
Montreal, Shutdown Universities, November 12, 2023
Montreal, Shutdown Universities, November 12, 2023
Montreal Merchants of Death: Labour for Palestine, November 9, 2023
Montreal, Sit In Politicians Office, November 9, 2023

On Thursday, November 9, a vigil was held in front of the Place des Arts in Montreal’s Festivals district, organized by the Women’s Coalition for Peace in Palestine. The names of hundreds of children killed under Israeli army bombardment were inscribed on a large banner on the ground, with candles arranged to surround it.

Several speakers denounced these infamies and the Canadian government’s shameful and unacceptable support for the Israeli government. Participants denounced the massacres and all the violence that ensues, and demanded that the Canadian government, and in particular Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, call for an immediate ceasefire, as well as an end to the blockade that punishes the entire Palestinian population living in the Gaza Strip.

Montreal Palestine Vigil, organized by Women’s Coalition for Peace, November 9

On Sunday, nearly 20,000 people took to the streets and marched for over 3 hours in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people and to demand to put an end to the genocide. From Place du Canada to the Israeli consulate, thousands of demonstrators shouted: Viva Viva PalestineFrom the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be FreeIsrael murders the children of PalestineIsrael a terrorist, Canada an accomplice and many others.

The speeches highlighted the fact that thousands of Palestinians have been held hostage for decades, today deprived of water, electricity and food. Many speakers reiterated the need for a ceasefire now, and declared that Canada does not speak in our name. They demanded that the Trudeau government take a principled stand against Israeli war crimes in Gaza, and condemned its conciliatory position of abstention when the UN General Assembly adopted an “immediate, lasting and sustained humanitarian truce” resolution on October 27.

A young Palestinian girl defended the right to life of the children of Palestine, who are being killed by the Zionist state in their thousands. Free Palestine she shouted.

A representative of Montreal’s Hasidic Jewish community spoke out forcefully against the monopolized media’s attempts to equate Jews with Zionists. Anyone who tries to conflate denouncing Israel’s crimes as anti-Semitism has a hidden agenda, he said. Judaism is not Zionism. He made it clear that Jews stand with the Palestinian people everywhere, demanding an end to the occupation.

Palestinian, Lebanese, Algerian, Iranian, Irish and many other flags flew throughout the march. The sheer number of placards demanding a ceasefire and an end to genocide, denouncing the Trudeau government and its complicity with the Israeli apartheid regime, and stating loud and clear: Palestine will live, Palestine will win, set the tone. The solidarity movement doesn’t flinch. This is the movement that defends the UN resolutions demanding an end to the occupation. It is this movement that will find the way to make this a reality.

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Montreal: Rally organized by Hasidic Jewish Community, November 12

There are new events daily in New York City, across the U.S. and around the Globe.  This is the list Joe Catron is circulating:

For the Children

Ceasefire Now Vigil

New Jersey Interfaith Action: CEASEFIRE NOW!

Flood Staten Island for Gaza

Hear Us Loud!

UFT! Call for a Ceasefire!

  • Wednesday, November 15, 4:00 pm (see caption, not image)

United Federation of Teachers

Shutdown: Event announcements forthcoming

Press Conference and Rally

Find more actions:

(Thank you, Joe)

*Featured Image: Montreal Palestine Solidarity March November 12, 2023

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