Actions: No War, No Coup, End The Sanctions, Troops Home Now

By UNAC and Green Party Peace Action Committee, Popular Resistance, Published on Popular Resistance, June 22, 2019

UNAC supports the call from several member groups for local protests on or around the weekend of July 13 and 14 calling for No War on Iran, No U.S. Coup in Venezuela, End Sanctions Now, Bring all U.S. Troops home now.

We urge you to attend or organize an event in your area.  The events could be protests, vigils, forums, banner drops, civil resistance or whatever your group feels will be most effective.

If your organization would like to endorse the call, you can do so here <>

If you would like to post your event, please do so here <>

The US now spends almost 64% of every discretionary tax dollar on the military.  It has about 20 times the number of foreign military bases as all other countries combined.  Both major parties support ever-increasing military spending and war, so it is up to the people to build a strong, independent movement to stop U.S. military aggression around the world.  Join us!

As you know, two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman were disabled by explosions on Thursday, June 13.  The US government announced that it was Iran that did it.  Iran knows that such a move would immediately make them suspect and therefore would not do it.  The US statements have been contradicted by the crew of one of the ships and the ships owner and most countries, even allies of the US, have said there is no proof.  This is very much like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led the US to war with Vietnam leading to 4,000,000 Vietnamese dead and 60,000 US military dead.  Today we know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never occurred, we were lied to and millions died because of that lie.  Do not let it happen again.  Read the press statement from Iran on the incident below and join us on or around the weekend of July 13 & 14.

United National Antiwar Coalition
Green Party Peace Action Committee
Popular Resistance

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