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Four Straight Years of Nonstop Street Protest in Haiti

by Vijay Prashad, produced by Globetrotter, September 27, 2022 The destruction of Haiti appears to be an international project.  The US leads, having smashed their legitimate government repeatedly and destroyed any avenues toward independence, integrity or economic stability that have arisen.  What is their crime?  Is it an indpendent spirit, or merely the vulnerability of the small and weak?   […]

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NICA-Act-2: US NICA Act Aims to Cut Nicaragua Access to Capital While Nicaragua Targets US Funding Pipeline to the Opposition

by Chuck Kaufman, from NicaNotes, December 19, 2018 The Nicaraguan government removed the legal standing last week of nine non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that supported the attempted coup that disrupted much of the country for three months last spring and summer. It should also be remembered that Violeta Chamorro removed the legal standing of nine NGOs when she was president from[…]

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From the End of History to the End of Truth

by Tortilla Con Sal, originally published on the TeleSUR website, March 11, 2018 Non governmental organizations play a role in the Western elites’ offensive against resistance to them. Making nonsense of Fukuyama’s premature triumphalist screed, it is commonplace now to note that the United States corporate elites and their European and Pacific country counterparts are increasingly losing power and influence around[…]

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