Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Asylum, Migration and U.S. Foreign Policy

by Margaret Kimberley, published on Black Agenda Report, September 21, 2022 Immigration rules are often determined by U.S. foreign policy. Citizens of nations under U.S. attack, such as Venezuela, are made eligible for asylum. Haitians suffer under U.S. dictates but are deported and returned to the hell that Washington created. Every day the republican governors of Texas, Greg Abbott, and Florida,[…]

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Despite Outcry, U.S. and Dominican Governments Continue the Brutal Deportation of Haitians

by Marty Goodman, published in Haïti Liberté, February 3, 2022 n September, there was worldwide revulsion over photos of mounted U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in Texas apparently whipping Haitian migrants. The images were reminiscent of slavery. But that did not slow down President Biden’s racist plans for the mass deportation of Haitians. As of this writing in[…]

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National Weekend Of Action: US Out Of Haiti

By Popular Resistance, March 9, 2021 March 29 is the anniversary of the 1987 Haitian Constitution written after the 1986 overthrow of the brutal Jean-Claude Duvalier dictatorship. The 1987 Constitution was designed to create “a socially just, economically free, and politically independent Haitian nation.” Those ideals are again in crisis. The US-backed de facto president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse is[…]

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