Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

War is a Racist Enterprise

by Danny Haiphong, published on Black Agenda Report, September 1, 2021 Racism is an unspoken rationale for U.S. imperialist actions. The U.S.’s failure to prevent the Taliban from retaking political power in Afghanistan sparked feelings of panic in the foreign policy establishment. Warmongers and their loyal servants made endless demands for the twenty-plus year occupation to continue indefinitely. Familiar faces from[…]

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America’s Secret War on Yemen

by Jack Dresser, originally published on CounterPunch Far too few Americans seem to be asking an obvious question, why is the United States supporting the genocidal Saudi war upon Yemen?  Considering that Yemen’s humanitarian crisis now exceeds every other disaster in the world, this vital question deserves an informed and serious answer incorporating the geography and history that Americans learn[…]

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