Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

U.S. Role in Pakistan’s Political Crisis

by Abdul Jabbar, published on Countercurrents, April 17, 2022 Since I am originally from Pakistan and have been teaching interdisciplinary studies (including political science) at City College of San Francisco, I have been following the developments there with great interest and concern, both from professional and personal points of view. For brevity and clarity, I am itemizing my impressions as[…]

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U.S./Canada/E.U. Hands Off Venezuela!

The Venezuelan opposition in 2016. Maduro has the support of the poor and the working class in Venezuela. The opposition boycotted the 2018 election and Maduro won handily. ~ Protest photo from Business Insider by Marco Bello (Reuters), Election photo from USA Today By Alison Bodine, originally published on Fire This Time Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as President of Venezuela[…]

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