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The Anti-Racist Manifesto of Colectiva Feminista En Construcción, 2020

by Editors, The Black Agenda Review, September 21, 2022 The Anti-Racist Manifesto of Puerto Rico’s Colectiva Feminista en Construcción (La Cole) outlines a radical solution to capitalism, colonialism, and climate change. Natural disasters are also catastrophes of colonialism and neoliberalism. Take, for instance, Hurricane Fiona. A category 1 hurricane that made landfall on Puerto Rico on September 18th, Fiona knocked[…]

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Puerto Ricans Resist Austerity Measures and Corporate Corruption

By Monica Cruz, published on Peoples Dispatch, October 20, 2021 On October 15, protestors shut down Puerto Rico’s Highway 18 in the capital San Juan chanting “Fuera Luma!”, our “Out Luma”, demanding an end to the government contract with the private energy company, Luma Energy. Their cries were echoed at protests on the same day in New York City, Miami and Philadelphia.[…]

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Puerto Rico Rises Up

by Jason Cohen, published on Workers World, July 23, 2019 The souls of Puerto Ricans everywhere should burn with indignation as they read through the text messages by Gov. Ricardo Rossello and members of his administration written in a group chat. On July 13, the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico published 900 pages of the messages. The contents[…]

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