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How the Campaign to Free Venezuelan Political Prisoner Alex Saab Succeeded

by Roger D. Harris, published on Dissident Voice, December 21, 2023 Alex Saab was freed from US captivity in what Venezuelan Prof. Maria Victor Paez described as “a triumph of Venezuelan diplomacy.” The diplomat had been imprisoned for trying to bring humanitarian supplies to Venezuela in legal international trade but in circumvention of Washington’s illegal economic coercive measures, also known[…]

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High-Value US Asset “Fat Leonard” Arrested in Venezuela – Possible Prisoner Swap

by Roger Harris, published on Counterpunch, October 6, 2022 The principal perpetrator, in what AP News called “one of the most extensive bribery scandals in US military history,” popped up in Venezuela of all places. Leonard Glenn Francis bilked the US Navy out of at least $35 million. The culprit goes by the moniker “Fat Leonard.” He tips the scales[…]

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Meeting between Venezuela and the US: What’s Behind the Scenes?

by Gustavo A. Maranges, published on Resumen English, March 10, 2022 On Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced to the world a meeting held over the weekend with a small negotiating team sent by the White House According to official sources from both countries, the main topics of the mini-summit were energy and prisoners. It is the first high-level exchange[…]

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