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The Nobodies Take Office in Colombia: An In-Depth Analysis

by Alina Duarte, published by The Council on Hemispheric Affairs, August 11, 2022 This article is pretty long, but will reward your attention.  The situation in Colombia is not settled but it appears to be a remarkable breakthrough for the people.[jb] Fleas dream of buying themselves a dog, and the nobodies dream of escaping poverty: that one magical day good[…]

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Interview With Evo Morales; UK Role in Coup That Ousted Him;

by Matt Kennard, published on DeclassifiedUK, July 14, 2022 Matt Kennard interviews the former president of Bolivia about a range of subjects — including the British-backed coup of 2019, Julian Assange, NATO and transnational corporations  — at Morales’ house deep in the Amazon rainforest. THE COUP: ‘The UK participated in it – all for lithium’ THE BRITISH: ‘Superiority is so important to them,[…]

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