Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Ret. Col. Ann Wright Unmasks the Truth in Arms Transfer Debate

by Ann Wright, published on Countercurrents, December 13, 2023 In a heated session at the United Nations Security Council, diplomats engaged in a vigorous debate over the provision of arms to Ukraine amid the protracted war with Russia. The eleventh meeting on this pressing issue since Russia invaded in February of 2022 drew sharp criticisms from multiple speakers, who accused[…]

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Which way for the antiwar movement?   Demand ‘Negotiations’ or ‘Stop the Wars’?

by Sara Flounders, published on Workers World, November 15, 2022 As the war in Ukraine grows more protracted and dangerous, its consequences will arouse fear among many and opposition among those making the greatest sacrifices. The economic consequences of recession and growing inflation in the U.S. and the far greater disarray in the EU, caused by imposing sanctions on Russia,[…]

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Ukraine War protestors: “Negotiations Now!”

by Reginald Johnson, October 25, 2022 MIDDLETOWN, CT — Peace activists took to the streets here Saturday to protest the war in Ukraine and warn people that the conflict threatens to become a nuclear holocaust. Gathering on the corner of Main and Washington, the demonstrators held signs and passed out fliers which said “Prevent Nuclear War” and “Negotiations Now.” “We’ve[…]

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