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Why Was Daniel Hale Silenced? Daniel Hale Must Be Pardoned!

 Statement by Ban Killer Drones Coalition We raise our voice in deep concern on the silencing and imprisonment of Daniel Hale. Daniel Hale did not commit a crime. It is outrageous that Daniel Hale was charged, prosecuted and sentenced to 45 months in Federal prison for exposing a criminal program. Daniel Hale should be pardoned! Daniel Hale leaked documents that[…]

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US Government Seeks Harshest Sentence Ever In Leak Case Against Drone Whistleblower

by Kevin Gosztola, published on The Dissenter, July 20, 2021 This is a truly sad case.  Daniel Hale’s documents were released years ago, at which time Jeremy Scahill and The Intercept were widely praised for publishing them.  Daniel, on the other hand has been, as they say, ‘living like a refugee’, waiting for the axe to fall, every since.   […]

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