Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad!

Response to “Spinning Illusions: The Anti-American Left and the Ukraine war” – a New McCarthyism

by Joe Lombardo and Sara Flounders, published on, August 25, 2023 Recently, articles have appeared on the front page of the New York Times that smear Code Pink, The People’s Forum and TriContinental for allegedly taking money from an alleged Chinese agent. After the Times article was published, Senator Marco Rubio issued a statement calling for an investigation of[…]

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NY Times Publishes Hit Job on Anti-war Activists; Solidarity Must Be the Answer

by John Catalinotto, published on Workers World, August 16, 2023 Once in a while, the New York Times runs an article that reveals what this media conglomerate really represents. People often call the Times “liberal.” That’s because it seems to oppose some of the most reactionary politicians, like president #45, and gives ample opinion space to diverse voices. When Washington[…]

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Breaking News! Some on the Left Have Benefactors…

by Greg Godel, published on ZZ’s Blog, August 14, 2023 In June, I commented on a scurrilous article originally appearing in The Daily Beast and inexplicably reposted on the Portside website. Entitled, U.S Tech Mogul Bankrolls Pro-Russia, Pro-China News Network, the article accused several left groups of having not only received money from a benefactor sympathetic to the People’s Republic[…]

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