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Inconvenient Truths Confront Biden

Editorial from Workers World, June 28, 2023 It is amusing to see  Biden mimicking the language that Putin and Xi use to describe the relationship between Russia and China.  It is also notable that Narendra Modi was personally banned from entering the United States for a number of years from the time he instigated a Hindu on Muslim pogrom in[…]

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Pakistan, Used and Discarded by the U.S. GWOT; Still in the Shadow of India 70 Years After Independence

We don’t talk about Pakistan very often since the U.S. was forced to stop drone bombing the Tribal Region 7 or 8 years ago.   Today, as I was searching youtube for the UNAC account, which I might add is very difficult to bring up even though I subscribe to it, due to search engine algorithm designed to suppressing ideas outside[…]

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